XI.     Grinnell to Millersburg                

the route
      This is the first day after Rüdiger got his shoe fixed, and Antje was drugged so that she could ride without too much pain. However, she still doesn't seem too happy alone in the deserted camp site.

Another beautiful day in Iowa, with little rain and lots of headwind. We started out sitting on the curb in the morning sun, waiting for the rest of the group to gather. Which took forever, so we headed out alone but the others caught up with us at lunchtime.

Breakfast stop in Searsboro, with pankaces selling for 5$ a stack. In the background you can see the wall where all the riders could sign their names. We chose not to. You gotta love all those groups of riders, lying, resting, sleeping on the ground in Williamsburg.

SR Nr. 20